Tor: Can it be Used for Web Browsing?

Tor is well known for two things: Security and being slow.

The fact it is slow can possibly be linked to the raids in Germany, which no doubt discouraged people from sharing their bandwidth

But just how slow is Tor, and is it usable?

In this article Tor, under its standard settings, was used to view the web site, Google, and YouTube.

BBC News

Accessing the home page of BBC new ( from Computer A (which has a 20 mb internet connection,Windows XP  Pro and Fire Fox 3) took over 2.5 minutes to load the home page, and took over 2 minutes to load another story.

This time could be reduced by preventing pictures from being shown in the browser options.


Google took under a minute to load and produced searches were produced in around 10 seconds.


YouTube, bizarrely, loaded fairly quickly – faster than the BBC site, in just over 1 minute – but watching a video was not possible


Tor can be used for web browsing, though it is like going back to dial up – it is painfully slow


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