Data Theft: Statistics 2008 (restropsective)

Looking back on data loss and  data theft 2008, immediately shows that it was not a good year for data protection. Even just a cursory review of the headlines showed it was a bad year for those charged with looking after our data.

However the ITRC (Identity Theft Resource Center) has now completed a more detailed study into data breaches in 2008.

The, ITRC report, not unsurprisingly, showed a sharp increase in the amount of data theft in 2008. With almost a 50% rise in “reported”  data thefts/breaches, from446 in 2007 to 656 in 2008.

In total it was reported to the ITRC that 35 milion data records were lost or stolen. This, it should be emphasised is on the statistics that were collated by ITRC, and no doubt the real figure is much much higher.

It is also reported that “insider data theft” increased to 16%, almost double the 2007 figure.

Sadly only a fraction of the records (2.4%) were encrypted, which is a tragedy, as it is  simple way to protect the data.


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