Data Theft: Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is not having a good time of it in terms of data, in fact every time she creates a data record is seems to be lost, stolen, or misplaced. Most recently her website has been hacked into

Firstly, 2003,  Paris Hilton became (in)famous due to the home movies that were lost/found/misused and then widely distributed. The movie was titled  “One Night in Paris, and distributed through a professional adult movie company.

Now, just over a month later, January 2009, and her website,, has been hacked into. It is reported that for a period of time the site was hacked so that it would distribute malware, via the visitors in advertently downloading a trojan when first accessing the website.

The malware would then allow the creators to monitor the users computers, record keystrokes, etc, and thereore allow access to the users bank accounts.


2 Responses to “Data Theft: Paris Hilton”

  1. coffee Says:

    i’m surprised Paris Hilton didn’t have an air-tight security system on her house at all times

    • Rob Says:

      I would be surprised if it was somebody who had to break in. It was probably a friend, or a member of staff. The full article, in Los Angeles Times states:

      “The LAPD disclosed that security video footage shows the thief knew his way around the Sherman Oaks property” and Paris Hilton went on to say:
      “”I think whoever did this definitely has been here before.”

      Also smart security is only as smart and secure as the person using it. If you leave the house and don’t turn the alarm on its no good. Equally, if the building is secured by a “security guard” who is on £25,000 a year and you offer him £100,000 cash, to look away or forget to set the alarm, he may well do it!

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