Autonomy Aquires Interwoven

Autonomy, the electronic discovery giant, has acquired Interwoven. This follows on from the aquistion last year of Discovery Mining by Interwoven.

Autonomy has a very powerful processing engine, IDOL, which can cull, filter, keyword search, and concept search the data on a very large scale. It also created and owns the algorithyms is uses, for these searches.

However the Autonomy review platform, the “front end” of e-discovery, leaves a lot to be desired. With complaints about a clunky front end, and its well known that the much maligned Introspect load file (IDX) is the worst to work with in the industry.

Discovery Mining, however, is very different, with a very clean front end, often compared to Google, but its concept searching functionality is not a patch on Autonomy’s.

Overall the market has responded well to the acquisition with the share price climbing over the weeks preceding the confirmation  of the aquistion.


One Response to “Autonomy Aquires Interwoven”

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