Select Committee Report into Privacy: ICO

In 2007 the House of Lords called for evidence as part of their investigation  into privacy, for a report entitled “The Impact of Surveillance and Data Collection upon the Privacy of Citizens and their Relationship with the State” several different bodies and individuals provided their expertise, including Royal Academy of Engineering, and GeneWatch, BCS and ARCH.

On 8th July 2007 Richard Thomas of the ICO submitted a report to House of Lords on the issue of privacy.
Highlights from the report include:

  • The commissioner believes that the risks of excessive surveillance are with us today.
  • The risks to individuals [privacy]….. are evident and positive action is required to ensure that these risks do not manifest themselves and that unwarranted harm does not occur.
  • The Commissioner proposes that the Committee gives particular consideration to the following measures:
  1. Mandatory privacy impact assessments by government departments.
  2. Requirements to have codes of practice in place for pro active information sharing in the public sector.
  3. Proper consultation with the Commissioner before significant new developments.
  4. Increased audit and inspection powers for the Commissioner.Effective penalties for serious disregard for the requirements of the data protection principles.

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