University Courses and Access Data

Access Data, who have been having a horrible time of it after their failed launch of FTK 2.0 and attempts to buy their rival Guidance, have joined forces with Glamorgan University.

The theory goes that all students that attend the MSc Computer Forensics course with Glamorgan will gain the Access Data certification ACE – Access Data Certified Examiner. This is the FTK equivalent of Guidance’s EnCE  – EnCase Certified Examiner.

EnCE is popular certification, with more and more companies requiring their staff to attain this qualification either during or prior to employment, with the driving force coming from the US as agencies like the FTC and SEC recognise and demand it/

ACE, however, has very little uptake within the industry. Its not that there is anything wrong with ACE, or EnCE is better, its more about marketing. This issue can be compared to the VHS/Betamax, or the more recent BlueRay/HD DVD, battle. ACE is far behind, and associating with a University gives it a kick start.

For Glamorgan, who had aligned itself with 7Safe, but has since lost this industry contact and is ranked 58th in the country, this will bring a certain amount of real world contact for students who are desperately in need of this type of experience.

There is no doubt that Glamorgan and Access Data will both benefit from this and, if ACE catches on, so will the students.

Though this move is initially about marketing, for both companies, hopefully the students will benifit in the future.


One Response to “University Courses and Access Data”

  1. Forencis: Computer Forensics Qualifications « Data - Where is it? Says:

    […] ACE –  AccessData Certified Examiner: This computer forensic qualification is by AccessData, the makers of FTK, offering, designed to compete with EnCE. It has not made the same in roads as ACE, no doubt due to the problems with FTK 2.0, but has made a brilliant marketing decision of partnering with a university. […]

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