Data Theft: Wyndham Hotels

It has just been revealed, in February 2009, that hotel chain Wyndham Hotels and Resorts was hacked into and credit card details stolen on or before August 2008; which is when customer credit card details were uploaded on to a website (presumably by the hackers to allow them to sell them), and despite this upload occurring in July and August 2008, this only been reported now.

It appears that Wydham was aware of the problem for some time, and had been investigating the issue for 8 weeks prior to contacting the secret service, who are involved in these types of investigation. Further more customers were only updated after the secret service in December 2008, possibly 8 to 12 weeks after Wyndham became aware of the issue

The exact number of details stolen has not been revelead, but it is believed that  around 41 hotels were hacked  and 21,000 details were obtained.


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