Electronic Discovery: Autonomy and Audio

The electronic discovery giant, Autonomy, who recently are currently purchasing  Interwoven have now added “audio” review, to the functionality of their review platform.

Autonomy, who were born via a spin off from Cambridge University, pride themselves in their concept searching, IDOL engine, and the fact that they write and own the formulas they use.

Searching and “review” of audio data is not a feature unique to Autonomy, with a one or two other companies getting involved in this area, however Autonomy is probably the first “end to end” solution for audio review.

Whether sound is a “Document” that needs to be reviewed, or its reasonable to search these audio files  under the Civil Procedure Rules, is one of the lawyers not the technologists,.

But if there is a solution, that is affordable, easy to use, and reduces the hurdle that there has been to reviewing audio, then it can only have become more reasonable and not less.


One Response to “Electronic Discovery: Autonomy and Audio”

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