Data Theft: More Statistics

The latest report into data theft statistics shows, once again, that when people leave a company they are willing and able to steal data.

The current report by the  Ponemon Institute states that nearly two thirds of people steal data on the way out of a company which, while high, is less than t he XX% who say they would consider it.

The research firm found that 61% of respondents who felt negatively about the company took data while only 26% of those with a favorable view did. Only 31% of those surveyed said they had “trust” in their former employer to “act with integrity and fairness,” 25% were “unsure” and 44% did not have trust.
This report also matches up with the predictions of data theft for 2009, warning of more data theft due to a down turn the economy and increase in redundancy.

The risks from  data theft can certainly be limited, if some basic guidance is followed. Though many companies don’t seem to follow any guidance, let alone all of it.


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