Law: Hacker Fails To Block Extradition

British Hacker, Gary McKinnon, has, once again, failed to prevent his extradition from the UK. This time he has failed at the House of Lords, after his latest appeal to them failed.

Gary admits his guily (which causes a problem for any defence), and wanted to be tried in the UK, but the CPS refused. If that decision is due to pressure from the US, or a point of law, is  is not clear. As hacking is an offence under the Computer Misuse Act, and the CMA does not specify in which country the computer being attacked is based, it would imply that the UK could try Gary, who faces upto 70 years in a federal prison, with a high risk of suicide (if not murder).

Having been through the courts, to the High Court, and the House of Lords, and the Home Secretary refusing to step in, there are little, if any options, left for Gary McKinnon


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