Forensics: FTK 2 (Part 2)

After the pain of trying to install FTK 2.11, the latest and greatest version of FTK 2 over three days, enough was enough; and attempt was made to install FTK 2.1 using the AccessData issued disk.

The previous version of FTK was fully uninstalled, as was oracle and the AccessData DVD placed into the computer, this started the begining of the problems, and several wasted hours.

The oracle database install took around 30 minutes, but did not complete properly because of an error with “port 1521”. Apparently another service was already using this port, which meant that the oracle database could not talk to FTK, but the install of Oracle “would complete”.

When the Oracle install had completed and attempt to install FTK 2.1 was made, this caused the computer to hang numerous times and the same Oracle-TNS errors were shown as before. This implies that it was the port conflict 1521 which caused the problems initially.

A google for this issued pulled back this post on FTK 2, which is an essay on the problems with FTK 2.0.

Having shutdown virtually all the services on the computer and attempted to re-install FTK 2.1, the same errors are still occuring. It appears that its time to uninstall Oracle and start again (yet again)

After the computer hanging, and a few reboots, the FTK

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