Forensics: FTK 2 (Part 3)

After the failed install of FTK 2.11 and a failed attempt to install FTK 2.1 and determined effort was made to get FTK 2 working. The main problem remained the installation of the Oracle database.

As FTK 2 was not yet installed there was no need to uninstall it, but Oracle needed to be uninstalled.  However this was problematic, because despite using the Windows Add/Remove Programs option and Oracle appearing to be uninstalled Oracle was still left in the Start Menu, Programs files, and registry, much like a virus or Adware. To make matters worse, a new version of Oracle could not be installed until the old one was removed. For this reasons repeated attempts were made to remove Oracle, in the same way a virus would be; killing the processes, deleting the registry entries, deleting the programs files, rebooting, and starting again.

After about  30 minutes or so Oracle appeared to be removed and FTK 2 could be installed.

But it was only after manually removing the registry entries, killing the processes, and removing the files manually that the FTK 2 installer asked if it could “uninstall oracle” –  during the install option!

This option was dutifully followed, then there were a few more restarts and then the Oracle installation was tried again. But this lead to a completely new error shown during the installation “Error ID: -505”


Once again googling this brought a complete blank.

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2 Responses to “Forensics: FTK 2 (Part 3)”

  1. Errant Says:

    What was the solution to this?

    We’ve been plagued by it for the last week (I cant get FTK 3 installed at all).

    Any pointers?

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