RIPA: Misuse contines….

According to the latest numbers reported about RIPA, the problem of counciles over stepping their remit, and possibly the law, is continuing.

This is despite the numerous reports and calls for the use of RIPA by counciles to be reduced, including: 

Some of the petty uses of RIPA include:

Some senior politicians and lawyers have even suggested that the councils use of RIPA could be illegal, but nothing changes


2 Responses to “RIPA: Misuse contines….”

  1. RIPA: Councils Powers to be Reviewed « Data - Where is it? Says:

    […] The fact that a review is occur comes after a major investigation in privacy and Surveillance by the House of Lords, which recommended exactly this, on the back of numerous misuses of  RIPA. […]

  2. RIPA: Passwords « Data – Where is it? Says:

    […] RIPA has been complained about by many commentators (this site included), mainly because the powers under RIPA have been repeatedly misused. […]

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