Helix is Dead, Long Live Helix

Helix, one of the most popular free boot disks for forensics is no more, or to be more accurate it is no longer free. eFense the makers of Helix are now charging a nominal sum, namely the subscription to their forums of $14 a month, for the minimum of one month, for access to the latest Helix ISO

The quality of the Helix tool has not diminished in any way, on the contrary it will/should now become an even  more professional looking tool. However the time of Helix being free is over.

The Linux community has responded in the usual fashion and is producing its own free version of Helix – Helix CE – Helix Community Edition. This is due for release in April and they are currently looking for beta testers


One Response to “Helix is Dead, Long Live Helix”

  1. ctendell Says:

    Thank you for your support. HelixCE is no longer seeking beta testers. The Beta tester section of the forum will be up and running next week. The forum will be open for viewers and comments on the standard section but the helixce200903.iso will only be available to the testers until mid April.

    Charles Tendell
    CTDC investigative solutions
    Lead HelixCE Developer

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