Forensics: e-SATA Write blocker

Tableau, the well known hardware forensics company, now produces an e-SATA write blocker.

e-SATA-write-blocker from Tableau

e-SATA-write-blocker from Tableau

This blocker, pictured inset, will allow a computer forensics examiner to connect a S-ATA hard drive through the T35es bridge, out to an eS-ATA port. This means that S-ATA drives can be imaged at almost S-ATA speeds, rather than going through converters to USB, Fireware, or IDE (though outputs to USB and firewire are available on the unit)

With laptops, shuttles, and desktops capable of having e-SATA, this is a great advantage for those imaging the increasingly big hard drives.

Currently Tableau are the only company on the market to provide this type of write blocker (though the Talon cloner has one built in), but no doubt ICS  will follow suit shortly.


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