Data Theft: Wolverine (Update)

Tom Rothman  the chairman of Fox, the company that owns Wolverine which was recently stolen and put on line  has stated that:

We, like everybody, thought our system was secure…Just like I’m sure there are lots of banks that get robbed that thought their vault was safe. We thought the post-production pipeline was secure at every juncture. But, obviously, it’s self-evident that  it wasn’t. I have a high level of confidence we’ll find out where the lapse in security was and we’ll bring the perpetrators to justice.”

While the FBI have allegedly become involved in this case, this type of investigation does not appear to be a priority, based on their current priority list. Though in 2004, they did announce a partnership with the music and movie industry to target this type of crime.

Currently the FBI have been informend, and have not made any public statement about this high profile case. If the leak occured in Australia, which some commentators are indicting the FBI would have no jurisdication, so would be unable to effectively investigate.


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