Computer Forensics: Forensics Quiz

A selection of computer forensics tests and quizzes are available the parent site Where Is Your Data?, these include:

Computer Forensics – NTFS (1) (theory)

Computer Forensics – NTFS (2) (theory)

Computer Forensics  – Law (theory)

Who’s Who (in computer forensics and electronic discovery)

The following quizzes have not all been moved across to the new site yet, but are being moved across (all in good time)

Computer Forensics – Technical 1 (theory)

Computer Forensics – Technical 2 (theory)

Compute Forensics – Data Theft (theory)

Computer Foreniscs – File Types (theory)

Computer Forensics: Practice for CCE or ENCE style exams (theory)

Computer Forensics Practical on NTFS (practical)


3 Responses to “Computer Forensics: Forensics Quiz”

  1. How do you get a job in computer forensics? « Data - Where is it? Says:

    […] to be able to answer the standard questions, despite having 1 to 3 years studying the subject.  Sample forensics questions are available here for those […]

  2. Forensics: First Computer Forensic Job Interview « Data – Where is it? Says:

    […] on the job description, read the forums, listen to the podcasts, watch relevant material,  take practice quizzes, etc  to ensure you are fully updated on current technical thinking and […]

  3. orjin romatizma kremi Says:

    Very nice Thank you very much an issue I follow.

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