Leaking Information

Leaking information can be an important, safe, legal, criminal, dangerous, right, or the wrong thing to do.  It can be so many things, to so many people, and it can be multiple things at the same time, and change depending on the government of the day.

The recent case of Damien Green leaking information, arrested, investigated, and then being cleared, demonstrates this. He provided information to the country, which he thought was important, and not damaging to the state, there were allegatiosn he broke a vareity of laws and threatened national secureity. The police then investigated, and he has since been cleared.

It is right that allegations of breaching the offical secrets act are investigated, and the argument of “I would never do this“, is not a reason not to investigate.  What is wrong is that the allegations against Damien Green appear to have been grossly exagerated and the police used as political pawns in this process. But, once the allegations had been made, they had to investigate, what would be their other option? To ignore allegations of corruption and breaches of the Offical Secrets Act? Not a good situation to be in.

Imagine if  John Profumo had never been investigated, because of his position or the fact he stated he had done nothing wrong.

For every leak of data there will always be people who question the value of it, call it a threat to the government or the nation, and state that it should never happen. But, if it was not for leaks we would never have know that there were no WMD in Iraq, or and perhaps more importantly, that the governments didn’t really have any information about WMD before the invasion.

If it was not for leaks then torture program in the US would never have been found out, and then Obama adminstration would not have been in the position to disclose this informaiton to the public.

But, if leaks about the Manhattan project or D-Day landings had been made then World War II could have been lost.

Leaks can be both valuable and dangerous, but there must be a mechanism to allow them to occur, else the wrongs of the governments can never be corrected.

Without doubt the best, and most secure way to leak information is the WikiLeaks website.  WikiLeaks provides a record of documents leaked to the website and protects those who submit the data through a vareity of technical and legal mechansism.

If you have data that needs to be made public their site is the place to go. Below is a video demonstrating how to upload data to WikiLeaks.



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    […] Leaking of information can often have a benefit to a community, and thankfully UK law recognizes this, and the MPs are now realizing this. […]

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