Forensics: Viewing the MFT in EnCase

To view the MFT in EnCase in the most efficient manner, you should view it in a 1024 text style.  The steps below show how to do this. The attached PDF includes screen shots.

  1. Create a new text style in the “Text Style” panel. 
  2. Once in the Text Style “Attributes” section, do the following
    1.  Enter the Name of the style. The name is only for reference, and does not affect the view itself.
    2. Set the Line Wrap to Max Size
    3. Set the Wrap length to 1024
    4. Then select the “Code Page”
  3. In the code page select Western European ISO. Then press OK. 
  4. Then view the $MFT in text, and all the MFT headers should line up correctly

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