Data Theft: Wolverine – Follow up

Wolverine, is a block buster.Fact.

It took $35 million in its first day, and $85 millon on its first weekend. The first day opening is comparable to that of Iron man,  which was launched in better economic times.

As of the 7th May total gross of the movie was $102 million. This brings Wolverine in at a higher level than the massive movies Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Da Vinci Code,  Transformers, King Kong, or Pearl Harbor.

Why is this news for this site?

Because of the massive hype relating to the leaking of the unfinished movie prior to its public release and the alleged involvement of the FBI. The report of the Wolverine data theft made headlines around the world, but there has been no update on the findings of the investigation, no arrests, nothing. But the movie has made a lot of money.

Its hard to measure the economic effects of piracy on media sales, as people move between formats quicker than the industry, but if there was ever a case study this would be it, and Wolverine seems to be doing quite well.


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