Data Misuse: Examples of Police Data Misuse

Below are examples of the police misusing data. While the list is, thankfully, small, two things must be remembered:

Firstly the list only contains examples of police misusing data AND getting caught AND being arrested/convicted AND it being reported AND it being based in the UK AND being listed on this site  – this is a is a very limiting Boolean statement.

Secondly, the intent is not to show that the police are 100% corrupt, or imply that they are all taking backhanders, the list merely shows that these incidents occur and that data is not 100% safe with any organization. People are faliable and make errors, both in data handling and in judgment.

Examples of Police Data Misuse in the UK


6 Responses to “Data Misuse: Examples of Police Data Misuse”

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  4. mafia man Says:

    naughty police

  5. dan Says:

    why do people misuse data when they end up getting found out and if that happens it could result in losing their jobs

    • 585 Says:

      The same reason people keep crime. In general, they don’t get caught and get any long lasting effects from it. If you think about a burglary, in which something is actually take, and it has a detection rate of less than 10% then the detection rate for data theft is going to be much much lower; because in a burglary you come home and you know you have been burglared so the investigation can begin. With data most of the time people don’t know data theft has even happened.

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