OFSTED: How a school fakes their data. Part 2

Following on from the previous article, reporting on School1 which can only be described as the Faulty Towers of Schools (but without the humour), we continue to explore how a school, which is so appauling it allows children with head injuries to go untreated, is ranked almost as “Outsanding” by OFSTED, rather than being on special measures, or closed down as it should be.

If parents could be informed of the state of the school they would surely pull them out immediately. In Part 1 we reported on how a child, who had his skull stamped on was denied immediate access to medical treatment .

Exams  – In this article we examine how School1 deals with pupils in exams.

Exams are supposed to be a test of knowledge, conducted in “exam conditions”, i.e no talking, no sneaking books in, no copying, and certainly no leaving the exam for about an hour, unescorted, being given the opportunity to read up on the subect, and then returning to the exam. The last statement seems so obvious that is probably not covered in most exam introductions. But, in School1, it probably should be.

In the exams last year certain students just got up and walked out of the exam room. The invdulators warned the students that they could not return, at which point the students just told the invidulators to ‘f*** off’. After about an hour the student the returned to exam room, and despite objections by the invidulators, was allowed to continue with the exam. The invidulator objected to the student returning, but a senior teacher allowed the student to continue with exams.

It is all about making sure that data looks good for the government. What this means is that if your students go to the exam and they are not overtly cheating, then they are not on a even footing with those who do.

As all the students will eventually be competing in the same job market the solution seems that all students should overtly cheat, and no doubt the school would be happy for this.

The more cheats, the better the exam results, the beter the grades, the better their stastics.


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