Data Theft: Data Theft Increases with predictions

Following KPMG’s predictions in early 2009 KPMG has worked with Mischon de Reya, the well known law firm, to create another report into data theft, by employees.

The statistics released include:

  • 70% of corporate data theft cases the perpetrators were leaving an organization to go to a competitor.
  • 14% involved accounts information, business plans or forecasts.
  • Those caught stealing are most likely to justify their actions by saying the competitor already knew about the information (60%) or that the data was in the public domain (30%).
  • 22% of cases surveyed involved women stealing data
  • Since 2006 the number of cases of this nature handled by Mishcon de Reya has more than doubled from 20 in 2006 to 45 last year.

Dan Morrison, pictured inset, a partner in Mishcon de Reya’s stated that

Dan Morrison Partner at Mischcon

Dan Morrison Partner at Mischcon

“The stolen data has often limited shelf life and employees realise they have to use the information quickly or they will lose their competitive advantage…Therefore when data theft is discovered or suspected, swift action is needed. At Mishcon de Reya the average time taken in a case of this nature from instruction to legal relief, whether in the form of restraining injunction, undertakings, damages or apologies, was just over 2.5 weeks.

Interestingly a few years ago Mischon was quite close to the other side of a adata theft case,


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