Forensics: Are computer forensics jobs hard to get?

Are computer forensics jobs hard to get? It depends on what you aim for and where you are starting from.

If a person, with no real qualifications or IT background,  wants to be in a police computer forensics unit (working as a civilian), then there is still an opportunity to do so. Jobs within the police are advertised every so often, for new starters.

With all of the police forces requiring computer forensics specialist, and a steady flow of staff from the police to the corporate sector, there will be always vacancies.

If an applicant does not mind which force they work for there is great potential for them to apply for any job that comes up, radically increasing their chances of gaining employment. As the police will take on an individual, without the necessary skills and train them, they don’t really require a degree or IT background, though that is preferred.

However, much of the work the police do will be routine, and may not stretch some people as much as they would like.

If the same individual, without the IT background or qualification, want’s to get into a top end corporate environment, such as the Big 4,then they will have significantly harder time. As companies like that will expect, and demand, good graduates with good degrees from good universities and they will have tougher interviews, and possibly more in depth testing.  Also its not just a case of being smart enough, these companies have a personality type they want, and if your face does not fit, then you will not get the job.

Smaller companies can be no less brutal than the giants . A big company, like PWC, may be able to take somebody in who can only image hard drives, or a graduate who can be trained, but a small companies will often need somebody who can do everything, image hard drives, maintain the servers, work with EnCase, FTK, and all the other tools, as well help with sales. A small company may well be the best training ground for a graduate, but the places can often be hard to get and the pay is never as good as a big firm.

Once you have your first job, and are capable of doing the basics, getting your second job is a lot lot easier. But, for those starting out getting a first computer forensics job is hard, even with a degree in the subject. As more and more people get a degree in computer forensics, from less and less reputable universities, the value of the computer forensics degree becomes less and the market place tougher.

For those with a job in computing already, the move can be equally awkward, but for different reasons.

For those with a good grades and good qualifications, getting your first job in computing is not going to be easy, but there is far more open to you.


2 Responses to “Forensics: Are computer forensics jobs hard to get?”

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    […] Its it hard to get into computer forensics? […]

  2. Anonymous Says:

    yes it is very hard to get into this market

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