Forensics: Working in Computer Forensics

Below are a series of articles about getting a job in computer forensics:

Getting and Moving Jobs

What jobs are there in computer forensics?

What roles are there within computer forensics?

How do I get a job in computer forensics?

How much do you get paid in computer forensics?

Its it hard to get into computer forensics?

How do I prepare for an interview in computer forensics?

If I am working in computer forensics at the moment , should I look changing jobs during this recession?


What professional qualifications in computer forensics are available?

What Universities run computer forensics courses?

Are degree courses in computer forensics any good?


3 Responses to “Forensics: Working in Computer Forensics”

  1. Computer Forensics Courses in Clearing « Data – Where is it? Says:

    […] choice. Below are the places currently (as of today) listed by UCAS as available through clearing.Computer Forensics is an interesting area to work in, and people should be encouraged into the subject, but by the best […]

  2. Morson Says:

    Computer forensics is one of the best work.

  3. orjin kremi Says:

    Very nice Thank you very much an issue I follow.

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