OFSTED: How a school fakes their data. Part 5

This is the continuing the series in how a London School, School1, fakes their OFSTED reports, which results in appalling teaching conditions for the children, and a shocking working environment.

School1 is bad, its really bad. Children suffer ABH, but the police are not called. Teachers are assaulted, and need surgery, but the police are still not called. Students have their head stamped on, and suffer head injuries, but are denied immediate access to medical treatment.

All of this is to protect the statistics, to make sure the that school “looks good”, reality is irrelevant, its all about perception and targets.

So how do the school fake it when OFSTED conduct their investigation? The plan is simple as it is dishonest, lie and hide the evidence. The bad students are deleted off the register anyway, so part of the problem is resolved.

But with so many poorly behaved children, and teachers who are unable to control them, how does the school get away with an OFSTED inspection.  Firstly the OFSTED inspect is a couple of days, so its really on cursory, but secondly, and more dishonestly, the school simply tells the bad students and teachers, just to stay away. To not be their during the inspection, out of sight, out of mind.

Once the inspection has been successfully faked, the chaos can continue, the kids walking around school playing football, smoking, and telling the staff to fuck off, all during class time can continue. It seems that staff locking themselves in a class room, for their own safety is OK, as long as OFSTED does not find out.


2 Responses to “OFSTED: How a school fakes their data. Part 5”

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