Privacy: Even MI6 think its too much

The statistics are always the same, the UK has the biggest DNA database in the world, the UK has the biggest CCTV network in the world, the UK is depoying the largest unified car monitoring system in the world (ANPR), etc, etc

The critics are always saying the same thing “its wrong”, “its an invasion of privacy”, “its too much”, “its crossing a line”, etc, etc.

However what is changing, over time, is the who the critics are.

It used to just be those nuisance hippy types, from Liberty, stating this was wrong and that was wrong, but gradually,  they are (once again) being proved right and critics of the UK surveillance societynow  includes a wide range of people, from the conservative House of Lords to members of Parliment, even the RIPA powers are being “reviewed”.

The former head of MI5, Dame Stella Rimington had previously stated the survillance and invasion into privacy has gone to far.

But now the former head of the UKs other major spy agency, MI6Sir Richard Dearlove, has stated survillance has gone to far.

He attacked the ‘loss of liberties’ caused by expanding surveillance powers and described some police operations as ‘mind-boggling.’

MI5, MI6, and the House of Lords think surveillance has gone too far, then who thinks we need all of the security apparatus?


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