Electronic Discovery: What is a Non Linear Review?

What is a Non Linear Review?

A non-linear review is away of organizing data prior to reviewing,  in a way to aid the speed and efficiency of review. This is often done using concept searching, clustering, or near de-duplication.

Traditionally most review platforms could not handle non linear review, only allowing data to be reviewed one document after another (though searching, filtering, and document families could be used to focus in on the documents required), with Attenex being the only real non-linear review platform on the market.

However over the past view years the electronic discovery and review platform market has changed significantly, with new platforms being developed and well established ones being improved.

Relativity, a popular review platform has a concept searching functionality, through Content Analyst, and near de-duplication functionality through Equivio. IConnect has the same add-on capability, using both Equivio and Content Analyst.

OnView, Ontrack’s latest review platform now has Enginium in built into it; and the well established RingTail currently allows data to be loaded using Equivio to identify the near de-duplicates.


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