OFSTED: How a school fakes their data. Part7

Following on from the sexual assault of the girl at School1, which the School failed to report to the police, the situation has since developed.

The police were called, independently of the School, and when they attend the School told the police that there were no CCTV images of the attack. Which is strange, because the school had already reviewed the CCTV and there was indeed images of the assault. When the police were informed of this (i.e. the school had lied about the CCTV) the police then asked for a copy the CCTV, but were refused, demanding the police obtain a warrant.

Section 19 and Section 20 of PACE allows the police to seize exhibits, but as they are invited onto the premises, its gets slightly awkward to enforce this law.

This school was given a near outstanding mark by OFSTED, but who would want their child to go to that school?


5 Responses to “OFSTED: How a school fakes their data. Part7”

  1. controlware Says:

    many schools have CCTV now and these systems work very well. A case study about a CCTV system at Oldham College and the benefits they have got out of it can be seen here http://controlware.wordpress.com/2009/10/13/the-oldham-college-benefit-from-advanced-ip-cctv-system-that-improves-security-and-safety/

    • 585 Says:

      If we live in a country where there is a requirement to monitor children at all times in school, then there are major problems; and we are treating the symptoms and not the disease

  2. controlware Says:

    I totally agree with you 585. Some of the other things that CCTV does is that it provides some protection for teachers against false allegations of abuse, protects the school from health and safety claims, cases of bullying etc. as well as just crime.

    Also a popular misconception is that most cctv is monitored live. Most CCTV is not, its recorded and reviewed only if there is an incident or complaint.

    I think CCTV does reflect the blame and claim society we have and that is why more CCTV is installed, its an insurance policy, proof that (in this case schools) have acted in good faith as well as just to help prevent crime.

  3. studentteacher Says:

    What is the name of this school? If any are actually getting away with this they deserve to be named and shamed.

    Ofsted are normally on the ball, I doubt one school could have got away with all this. they would have found out or given the report based on the fraud but know something is not right. Despire its glowing report the school would have no idea that ofsted are indeed watching.

    • 585 Says:

      OFSET is a farce. When OFSTED are due in the poor students are told not to arrive, cutting the chaos in the school.

      The OFSET visits are very short.

      Its not as thought OFSTED are MI5, its just a bunch of low paid civil servants ticking boxes

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