Electronic Discovery: Concept Searching Tools

Concept Searching tools offer a variety of benifits in a non-linear review. These tools can be used in a variety of different methods and at different times:  Before data is loaded into a review, to cull or sort the data, or once the data has been loaded into the review platform to improve the efficency of a review.

Below is a sample of the tools available in the market place at the moment.

  • Content Analyst: Able to process data before or during a review. With plugins for Relativity and IConect
  • Engenium: A concept searching tool bought by KrollOntack and now embedded in their review platform, OnView
  • Hot Neuron:  A tool designed to cluster and search data prior to loading a review platform
  • Recommind: A tool designed to cluster and search data prior to loading into a review platform
  • Attenex: This has a its own review concept searching tool built inside it
  • Zantaz/Introspect/Autonomy/IDOL has a concept searching tool (though nobody seems to know its actual name)
  • ConceptSearching: A searching tool that will work with Sharepoint and a vareity of documents

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