Forensic Cloners: ICS Mass Cloner

For years Logicube have always produce a cloner that is slightly faster, or with slightly more features than ICS. But now ICS have produced the mother of all cloners the  Rapid Image 7020.

ICS Mass Cloner

ICS Mass Cloner

This machine, with levers big enough to make Dr Frankenstein happy, can image 10 drives at a time. Each with a maximum speed of 6 GB min. This would mean that a total of  60 GB a min or 3.6 TB of data per hour can be imaged with one device.

It also has the ability to log everything that is occurring, through a SQL database.  For those collecting hundreds of drives onsite, this would all the process to be done simply and easily, from a single centralized room.

But the device is not without its problems. Firstly, its $11,000 (USD). While that’s not very much for any company involved in large scale data collection, its still a hefty chunk of change. For the same price 10 laptops could be bought, to achieve the same goal  (but with more cables).

Secondly, by default, it does not seem very portable, what with those big levers. Large data collections are not a problem in the lab, but onsite. So it needs to be taken onsite.

Thirdly, it doesn’t support laptops by default, that’s an “add on” and its not clear if can support 10 laptop drives at a time, or just a few.

They still don’t produce Eo1 images, but staying with the DD image, which means there is no compression.

Overall its big, its yellow, it can image a lot of drives, and will be great for those large scale onsites, where you fully immerse yourself in the company. But for the smaller cases, imaging using the local machine, or with laptops its just too much.


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