Forensic Cloners

Update: The Forensic Dossier now produces and E01 Image, and its currently the only one to do so on the market

What are Forensic cloners?

They are hardware devices that can make a complete copy of one drive to another, while write protecting the original drive

What type of image do cloners produce?

Traditionally, cloners only produced an exact copy of the hard drive “a clone”, hence their current name. This means they take one hard drive and put identical contents onto another hard drive. The second/destination drive could even replace the original hard drive in the hardware if necessary. Modern cloners can now produce images with a DD or Raw image formats available. Currently the no hardware cloner produces an E01 image format; and often requested feature.

Who makes cloners?

The two main manufactures of cloners are ICS and Logicube. Traditionally Logicube produced the faster models. Though ICS has recently responded with their large scale 10 drive duplicator, running at 6 GBper minute, per drive.

What cloners are available on the market at the moment?

Logicube Talon

Logicube Quest

Logicube Dossier

ICS Solo3

ICS Rapid 7020 – Mass Cloner

Tableau – TD1

Can cloners access the DCO?

Yes, the cloners listed above can read and image the DCO.


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