Forensic Cloner: LogiCube Quest Cloner

Note: This device has now been superseded by the Logicube Dossier

The Logicube Quest Cloner is an upgrade from the Logicube Talon, which already surpassed the ICS Solo3 in speed.

Quest Forensic Cloner

Quest Forensic Cloner

Reaching just upto 6 GB/min, this is now twice the speed of the ICS Solo3. Its finish is better than the Talon, and can image the DCO and HPA (like the Solo3 and Talon).

Currently, its probably the best one to one cloning device on the market.


4 Responses to “Forensic Cloner: LogiCube Quest Cloner”

  1. Forensic Cloner: LogiCube Dossier « Data – Where is it? Says:

    […] time to. At last a cloner that can produce E01 images, the Logicube Dossier. It follows on from Logicubes Quest, which was a nice bit of kit […]

  2. grempz Says:

    Have you had any experience with this device?

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