Who is 585?

Recently there have been several requests about the identity of 585 and questions as to why the blog is anonymous.

Questions include:

  • Why does this site exist, if not for money?
  • Why produce material if not for money?
  • Why produce videos, if not for money?
  • Why are there no links back to the company supporting the site?

Money, Money, Money.

There is no money for those involved with the operation of this site(s). This site is not written to create money; it is here for information and a bit (a lot) of opinion. If  companies and products receive a lead from this site and make some money: Be it a couple of thousand for bit of software or tens of thousands for a project, or more for a review platform, then good luck to those people.

If they do or don’t makes no difference to this site.

This site does not get money from people, nor ask for payment.  Why? Because once that happens the whole nature of articles and independence goes out of the window. Very quickly it can become a big advertising site. If money changes hands, in relation to content, then the content will be written according to what is most likely to make that occur again. So no money is involved.

New Site: Update

The new site now contains links to Amazon Books, these are automated and, in theory if people buy these books,  there will be a referral fee. The money involved is tiny, if any, the links are automated, and the content is not written to create adverts and leads, rather the adverts are created automatically based on the content. This is certainly not a revenue stream, and is not even expected to not even pay for the hosting fees, which are tiny.

Why is the blog anonymous?

The blog is anonymous because it aims to be independent. Those who contributed have a range of experience from public sector to law enforcement to private companies. Clearly people who work for a company have opinions that do not always match up with their employers, or perhaps their employer’s brand. That does not mean their opinion is not valid or the facts they present are not true.

If, for example, an employee of Company A wanted to write about the benefits of Tool Y, when their company deploys Tool X, this site provides that facility. It doesn’t take away from Tool X, or say anything negative about Company A.  Despite this Company A would not be happy about their staff raving on about different products, hence the anonymous posting.

Is 585 a secret?

This site does not use sophisticated methods (or any methods) to hide the identities of 585, it simply does not advertise the identity of the authors (unless requested).

While some people want to remain anonymous, other people need to. For example, the article on School1, is a serious matter. One which a variety of legal bodies are aware of but have not taken action on. This site is, in one sense, providing a public record of what has happened in this school, so when the government finally acts they can’t say “it’s only just happened, or new information has come to light”, they know what’s going in, and they just don’t care. Clearly, the author of that information does not want to provide their name, because they are at  risk of losing their job.

Who is 585?

While the site started as one primary author, and much of the original content is by one author, overtime several people have started to contribute.  Sometimes when people contribute they state their names other times they don’t. The information is centrally published, but this site is not a profit or even a revenue generation site, so people are certainly not paid for their views and/or thoughts.

Can anyone contribute?

If you have an article, a paper or a review you have written and want to publish on this site, please send it in. This site will not publish shameless advertising material, but will publish balanced articles and will include links back to the source company, suppliers or individual (if requested)

There are already several reviews on this site about different tools, with links to products and companies. Those companies are not in any way associated with this site and in many/most cases they are probably unaware of the reviews on this site.

So if you have something you want on the site, send it in.

“There are only two ways of telling the complete truth–anonymously and posthumously.”


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