Forensics: Tableau Cloner

Tableau, best known for their write blockers also make a cloner; the Tableau TD1 Forensic Duplicator.

It can handle S-ATA or IDE,  and can clone or produce an image file and it can deal with HPA or DCO on hard drives, and has a transfer rate of up to 6 GB/minute. Its basics operation its comparable to the Logicube or the ICS productions, but that is where the

Tableau TD1

Tableau TD1

comparison ends. Both ICS and Logicubes products have more features, from USB imaging and dual hard drive cloning, to keyword searching and logging on external media.

While Logicube are on their 6th generation of cloners Tableau are on their first generation, so it would be expected that Tableau’s first cloner would not be the same at Logicbues 6th. Tableau’s future releases will probably be far richer in capbility and features.


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