Forensics: FTK 3 Reviews

Accesss Data’s FTK 3 was launched on 24th August, just under a fortnight ago.  There was not the same  fan fare that accompanied FTK 2.0, and there has not been the howls of derision either, in fact there had been very little comment at all.

There are no glowing, or for that matter terrbile,  hard hitting reports out there. Its all very quiet. Is it because nobody is using it yet (in anger)?

Just from a PR point of view AccessData seem to be doing a very good job of re-branding the company. The ACE, Access Certified Examiner, qualification is now free, easy to access, and open to all. Some may say its too easy to access, but it gets people into using their tool and certified. The ACE shows a level of accomplishment on their tool, which is what vendor certificaion is all about.

AccessData now even have a YouTube Channel, which looks slick and is the same style as their ACE videos.

So AccessData looks good, their certification is easy to access, and they are engaging with their clients. But does FTK 3 work, or is it style over substance?

This author has no idea, but is looking forward to finding out.


2 Responses to “Forensics: FTK 3 Reviews”

  1. FTK Says:

    FTK 3 has not been released to the public yet. That is planned to happen later this month. The announcement was in regards to a preview that took place at the HTCIA Tahoe event.

  2. deedee Says:

    ftk 3 is still a pain to install..

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