Privacy: Cameron and the Cameras

Apparently the tories are going to reduce survelliance in the UK, according to the Guardian today. If the conservatives get in (increasingly its more of when, rather than an if) they are looking to “reverse the rise of the surveillance state”.

This single policy alone will no doubt recieve support from a whole raft of people, who are not always aligned with the conservative party. After everybody from MI5 and MI6, to the House of Lords have stated that the surveillance, in the UK, is already too much. Will they actually follow their policy? Will they actually give up so many powers? That is a different question, and probably far less certain then if they will win the next election.

The article in the Guardian states

The Conservatives will today promise to “reverse the rise of the surveillance state” by outlining plans for fewer giant government databases and stronger powers to protect personal privacy.

The Tories’ policy paper, to be launched by the shadow justice secretary, Dominic Grieve, confirms a commitment to scrap the national identity card scheme, including its central register, and the children’s ContactPoint database.

The paper also lays out new measures to ensure that all legislation is accompanied by a privacy impact assessment, that there are stronger powers for the information commissioner, and that a minister and a senior civil servant in each department take responsibility for the security of personal data.

The 11-point plan has been drawn up in response to Labour’s reliance “on mammoth databases and wide powers of data-sharing, on the pretext that it will make government more effective and the citizen more secure”


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