Forensics: Mounting Images

The site, Windows Incident Response, has produced another useful article, this one on tools for mounting images.

The headline information is below, the full article is available here
VDKWin (free) – Excellent UI for VDK.
ImDisk (free) – installs as a Control Panel applet
SMARTMount (pay) – Andy Rosen’s superb mounting utility; requires a dongle, mounts raw, SMART, EWF, SAW, VMWare virtual disk format images, and detects a wide variety of file systems.
P2Explorer (free, requires registration) – Lots of cool features, mounts a variety of formats.
Captain Nemo (pay) – Mounts raw and RAID Reconstructor images from Linux, MS, and Novell systems.

Similar tools that may be of use:
MKS Software‘s mount utility
MS’s Virtual CD-ROM drive from XP (1, 2, 3)
Mounting ISO images on Vista/Win7
WinCDEmu – mount ISO images


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