Company Profile: Integreon


Integreon is a US based electronic discovery firm,  with offices around the US, but who also offer services  internationally, including outsourced review, via contract para-legals/attorneys, in several locations including India and the Philippines. Recently Integreon also opened up a data center/Review Center in the UK following a deal with the UK law firm Osborne Clarke

Integreon has grown both organically and via acquisition. The company acquired Datum Legal in the summer of 2008, they then went onto acquire ONSITE3 in April 2009. At the time ONSITE3 was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, so this would have resulted in an excellent opportunity for Integreon.

Integreon’s now vastly improved review platform, eView,  was based on the ONSITE3 offering (it had been previously know as OnSite Discovery).


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