Electronic Discovery: Review Platform – eView

Integreon’s eView latest version (Version 3), is discussed below.

The review platform has a clean look to it, unlike other more cluttered platforms, e.g. RingTail, which has very granular detail but can also appear cluttered. In fact eView has an almost “Outlook 2007”  look to it, which is almost certainly deliberate as it will mean that lawyers looking for emails will feel comfortable in that environment.

It has all the standard feature that are expected in a review platform, searching, de-duplication, etc. But it also has message threading as well, which is increasingly common but still not standard in all review platforms.

Like most review platforms it has an SQL back end, but the system is accessed via Citrix, which is less common in the review platform community. Offerings from RingTail, Relativity, Recomind, iConnect, Documatrix, etc, are  all available a web browser (normally its only I.E). The major exception to this being Attenex, which also works via Citrix.

eView looks like a standard linear review platform, but has Content Analyst, a concept searching tool built in. This means that both a linear and non-linear review can be conducted in the same review platform. This puts eView competing directly with Relativity, which has been very well received on both sides of the Atlantic.

The screen shots below shows eView being used to concept search. In this first example a paragraph is being highlighted, so that documents that are similar to that paragraph can be searched for.

Integreon eView Screen Shot Concept Searching

Integreon eView Screen Shot Concept Searching

Integreon eView Screen Shot Concept Searching (2)

Integreon eView Screen Shot Concept Searching (2)


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