Bloggers, Lawyers, Twitters and Court Orders

Today a right wing blogger (by his own definition), called Donal Blaney, served a court order against an individual, who was using his name. The aim of the court order is to reveal the identify of the person in charge of the twitter account.

So why is this in the news?

Donald Blaney won the order against somebody using a Twitter account, with his name blaneysblarney.

Looking at the twitter account  now (on the evening of 1st October), there are just 10 tweets, not saying much at all. In fact David Blaney only described it as “mildly offensive”, and even stated that he could have the Twitter account shut off by contacting Twitter directly.

So, why is this in the news?

Donald Blaney arranged for the court order to be served via Twitter, a first of its kind apparently (no wonder!); but it’s just a method of serving a court order. Therefore we have a minor  blogger serving a court order against an unknown person, who has written around 1400 characters (not words) that are described as mildly offensive, and could have been stopped via other cheaper, aka free, methods.

In a week where the Sun has pulled its support from Labour, the Prime Minister has had a major speech, BAe is looking at a 1 billion pound fine, a thousand dead due to earth quakes, and most critically Peter Andre is planning a trip to the West Country…. sometime next year, how did David Blaney get prime time news slots?

So, for the third time, why is this in the news?

The law firm which ran the case was, not Herbet Smith, Clifford Chance, or any other law firm giant which naturally attracts and deals with the press. The firm was Griffin Law. Griffin law is owned by …. Mr Blaney.  So on the same day that a minor blogger, won a minor court order, for an even more minor incident, Mr Blaney was all over the news.

Bravo to his PR company, they did their job well. Nearly as well as the Pigeon people


One Response to “Bloggers, Lawyers, Twitters and Court Orders”

  1. eDiscovery News for October 2nd 2009 « The LPO Report Says:

    […] Where Is Your Data? reports an interesting case about Donald Blaney, who is a minor blogger, served a court order on an unknown person for “mildly offensive” use of his Twitter account.  The funny thing, is this seems to be more of a PR stunt than an efficient method for ridding the problem.  […]

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