Judge Jacqueline Davies – The Twitter Joke Judge

The twitter joke trial has now become main stream news thanks, almost entirely, to the blogging community.

The case itself it’s pretty shocking and has been dealt with by numerous other articles.

The aim of this article is not to discuss the specifics of case, but the latest Judge to become involved in this case – Judge Jacqueline Davies.

Judge Jacqueline Davies, pictured below, is a circuit judge. She was married to Paul Clark, also a judge, who died on October 6, 2008 (aged 68). 

Judge Jacqueline Davies

Judge Jacqueline Davies

During the appeal against the conviction of Paul Chambers Judge Jacqueline Davies stated that  the “[The Tweet was] menacing in its content and obviously so. It could not be more clear. Any ordinary person reading this would see it in that way and be alarmed. The airport staff did see it and were sufficiently concerned to report it……We find it impossible to accept that anyone living in this country, in the current climate of terrorist threats, would not be aware of the consequences of their actions in making such a statement.

Paul Chambers tweet, for those who have not seen it was

Crap! Robin Hood Airport is closed. You’ve got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!

A key part of her judgements is worth repeating, due to its sheer lunacy:

“[The tweet was] menacing in its content and obviously so. It could not be more clear. Any ordinary person reading this would see it in that way and be alarmed”

Given that thousands of people around the world repeated the words on Twitter, showed that many people do no find it phrase menacing.  Clearly the “ordinary” person reading those words was not in anyway alarmed.

The question is how “ordinary” is Jaqueline Davies to convict a man, on appeal, of little more than an understandable  tantrum?

A quick check of the internet will easily find people saying far more harmful things with no element of humour at all.

Below are a sample of comments taken from YouTube, found within a few moments:

  • god dam pope can burn on a stick shoved up his ass
  • You fringe neo-Nazi freaks
  • Hey shut the fuck up ur annoying kid , AND EAT MY NUTS NOOB

These quotes are all from the videos on subjects of science and politics, on  one of the worlds largest sites. The people making these comments tend to be repeatedly aggressive and threatening, with no hint of humour. Sadly this is the nature of the internet.

It’s highly unlikely that Jacqueline Davies is aware of the nature of the internet, forums, YouTube, Facebook, instant messaging or Twitter.

Paul Chambers next step is to head to the High Court.


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