1. Links to Consultants

Below are links to a variety of niche consultants specializing in advice in electronic discovery.


i-Lit Limited provides independent advice to lawyers and their clients about how to retrieve and examine evidence and documentation from computers and networks


Allvision was established in April 1997 by Andrew Haslam to provide specialist IT Consultancy to the UK’s legal sector.  Allvision in general, and Andrew in particular, have wide ranging practical expertise in Litigation Support and Electronic Disclosure and have worked with a number of London’s leading firms on disclosure projects.

Stonetrough Data Mining LLP

Stonetrough is a niche data mining company, founded by Tim Alderson. Tim Alderson is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has delivered Data Mining and Investigations services for the last nine years. He has been involved in some of the recent large litigation cases in the financial services sector. He has supported Forensic, Corporate Recovery and Investigation Services teams on IT and data mining related matters, particularly on fraud cases, working on assignments with the SFO, FSA, and DTI.

Seamus E. Byrne

Seamus E. Byrne delivers expert Asia-Pacific advisory services to resolve disputes in relation to the discovery of electronic evidence. With diligence, Seamus independently assists legal counsel and their clients, government agencies, corporate bodies and the judiciary.

Palmer Legal Technologies

From simple forensic investigation of a computer, through to disclosure of large email data sources, our staff members have a high degree of technical competence blended with an excellent knowledge of legal processes and requirements. PLT have an excellent data recovery and tape extration process.

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