Forensic Cloner: LogiCube Dossier

Its here, and about time to. At last a cloner that can produce E01 images, the Logicube Dossier. It follows on from Logicubes Quest, which was a nice bit of kit ayway.

The Logicube Dossier has pretty much everything you want from a cloner

Forensic Dossier

Forensic Dossier

  • 6/gb min imaging rates
  • The ability to create clones, DD images or EO1 Images
  • Logging facility
  • Multiple Images.
    • It can be used to create two images, from one evidence drive simultaneously.
    • Alternatively it can image/clone two hard drives simultaneously.
  • It can handle SCSI, S-ATA, IDE, or USB
  • It can image direct from a computer (laptop or mac) by booting the device with software provided
    • This will slow the imaging down, compared to the 6 GB/min through put rate, which is based on imaging S-ATA to S-ATA

What more is needed from a forensic imaging tool? Well, the price could be less. These things are not cheap. Especially when compared to a laptop to do the imaging on.