TalkTalk refuse to spy on customers

In April 2008 Charles Dunstone, the head of Talk Talk, of one of Britain’s biggest internet providers has criticised the music industry for demanding that he act against pirates.

The trade body for UK music, the BPI, asked internet service providers to disconnect people who ignore requests to stop sharing music.

But Charles Dunstone of Carphone Warehouse, which runs the TalkTalk broadband service, is refusing.

He said it is not his job to be an internet policeman.

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones said that the music industry has been fighting a losing battle to prevent people from swapping songs for nothing on the internet.

Mr Dunstone, whose TalkTalk broadband is Britain’s third biggest internet provider, said the demands are unreasonable and unworkable.

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    […] Virgin Media working closely with BPI for the past few months in April 2008 the Talk Talk Chairman said that he would not spy on customers, and would not work with the BPI on this type of […]

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